Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CNS meeting minutes August 25th, 2009

CNS meeting minute
August 25th/2009

CNS is happy to announce that Boulder Fest 2009 was a huge success with 78 climbers being hosted on the island for a brilliant weekend of sunny day and night sessions. Major thanks to everyone who helped the CNS executive committee make this years Boulder Fest the best yet, including Todd Foster, Sean Therien, the Trail Shop, Norm and Gizz, MEC, and all our other sponsors. We hope to see everyone again next year!!

CNS is currently working on a summer news letter along with a new CNS blog page which can be directly at http://climbnovascotia.blogspot.com/ or through the CNS website. CNS welcomes submissions of any stories which you may want to include in the summer news letter and feel free to visit our blog for CNS event updates. Currently, there is a cleaning day at Columbus wall scheduled for the 12th of September so, come out and get to know a new wall or if you’re familiar with the area help us make the climbs accessible again.

There is also a tentative date for the start of the new Ground Zero’s much anticipated Monday Night league nights. They are rumored to begin on the LAST Monday of ever month therefore starting on September 28th this year. Get ready to Pull Down !!!
Consequently, this year’s extended Monday Night Bouldering sessions will not be held on the 28th or the following night which coincide with League Night.

Kate Smith