Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Climb Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting

The 2010 Climb Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 25 at 6pm at Ground Zero Climbing Gym in Dartmouth.

You must be a Climb Nova Scotia member to attend, but memberships
may be purchased on site.

Come learn what we’ve been up to, what we're planning, and how you can get involved. Meet the executive and share your opinions and ideas.

There will be free food, beverages, prizes and climbing after the meeting!

Parking ban at First Face on Paces Lake Drive

Climb Nova Scotia has been contacted by the owners of First Face crag. Apparently someone on Paces Lake Drive has complained to them that several times dozens of people have been seen trespassing on a neighbor's property, camping out and making fires, and leaving litter and garbage behind. We have also been advised that neither the dockside nor the pullout parking spots are public, and in fact the entire road is private all the way to the highway.

The owners have requested that climbers do not park on Paces Lake Drive - park only on the side of the 357HWY and walk in, being careful to stay on the path along the water's edge and away from the houses on Paces Lake Drive. The landowners expressed their satisfaction with their relationship with Climb Nova Scotia and do not have plans to revoke climbing privileges provided we respect their wishes.

I'm confident that the climbing community is not responsible for this disrespectful and boorish behavior, but that is beside the point. Likewise I know you will all continue to show respect for the people who are kind enough to allow us access to their land to enjoy climbing.

Stick to clear and designated trails and strive to Leave No Trace that you were there. Always pack out your own trash and any other rubbish you might find and note that there are no camping or fires permitted at First Face. Remember that climbing on private land is a privilege not a right. Please do not park on Paces Lake Drive when climbing at First Face.


Mick Levin
Climb Nova Scotia President
climbnovascotia at gmail dot com