Thursday, October 1, 2009

CNS meeting minutes September 24, 2009

September 24th/2009

This meeting CNS entertained two guest speakers Gerard Bray and Andrew Nettie, who spoke about provincial funding and climbing at Acadia University respectively.

Funding Opportunities for future CNS projects
Possible funding for more ambitious CNS project may be available through "Good Ideas Funding" or various Community Health boards around the Halifax Regional Municipality. These boards are willing to support "non-traditional" sports (ie climbing) in order to involve and expose a wider population of children to an active and healthy lifestyle. CNS would be happy to hear the climbing community's ideas for future CNS projects in this area.

Acadia University Climbing Club
Andrew Nettie, representing the newly formed Acadia Climbing group, is interesting in teaming up with CNS to introduce students to the Nova Scotia climbing experience with an emphasis on climbing in and around Acadia. The board unanimously voted to make Andrew a CNS executive member who will attend board meetings and keep us informed on the interests of the Acadia Climbing Club. CNS looks forward to working closely with Andrew to facilitate future climbing opportunities.

General Meeting Minutes
CNS is going to get access to the land registry database in order to keep a record of access issues for climbing areas such as T-Bay which has has been off limits to the climbing Community for 2-3 years now. Access to the land registry will also help to establish new approaches to established climbing areas which don’t traverse private property.
The CNS executive board has unanimously votes in favor of abolishing the certification subcommittee due to lack of commitment and intuitive. In light of this, the CNS executive has voted in favor of allowing multi-pitch routes to be counted as multiple "climbs", a term used in the certification requirements. For example, 30 pitches of 5.11 can be counted as 30, 5.11 "climbs" in reference to log book requirements. Furthermore, the required sport climbs can be substituted for traditional style climbs because the CNS board believes that the technical skills required for trad climbing are inclusive to and surpass the skills required for sport climbing.
CNS is looking for photograph submissions for the upcoming 2010 CNS, Nova Scotia Climbing Calendar. Feel free to send all submissions to
Much thanks to our wonderful member coordinator Heather Bray for organizing membership registry to the point that we now have more than 130 CNS members and know who they are. :D
The CNS Columbus Wall Clean and Climb was a great success, cleaning roughly 10 routes at Columbus wall. Thanks to everyone who attended!